Podcast Episode 8: The Overeducated Stay at Home Mom

September 22, 2010

in Stay at Home Mom

Over the last fifteen years, the number of stay at home moms has been increasing.  In 2003, Lisa Belkin published an article in The New York Times called “The Opt-Out Revolution,” leading many to believe this increase was the result of educated women choosing to forgo a career in order to stay at home with the kids.  However, in the last couple years, this revolution has been revealed as a myth; most stay at home moms are younger, less educated, and of a lower socio-economic class, but this does not mean the overeducated stay at home mom doesn’t exist, nor that this phenomenon should be dismissed.

I talk with Alex Iwashnyna of lateenough.com, a popular blogger and stay at home mom who left a career in medicine to stay at home with her kids.  She reveals that opting out is not a jump from career to home, but rather a complicated and subtle process.


“The Opt-Out Revolution” by Lisa Belkin in The New York Times, 26 October 2003.

“Most Stay-at-Home Moms Start That Way, Study Finds” by Donna St. George in The Washington Post, 1 October 2009.

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