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October 14, 2010

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Clara shared her Baby Led Weaning story on Podcast Episode 11 and was kind enough to write a guest blog post for today.  Below is her post.

Our Baby Led Weaning story started nine months ago when I read a post about it written by a good friend of mine in Canada.  My son Bryce was only four months at the time, so I bought Gill Rapley’s book, read it, and waited until my little one turned six months.

Seven months later, my son is thirteen months and we LOVE BLW.

Here are some of the benefits BLW gave our family:

-family meals are really fun

-no stress of inventing stories or games to get him to eat

-no stress of measuring how many ounces of purees he eats

-the joy of watching him discover textures, shapes, colors, and tastes all by himself

-building up confidence in my little one

-going to a restaurant is not a struggle

-traveling is enjoyable as I don’t have to carry little jars in my bag

-as my son becomes a toddler, he loves even more than before being capable of choosing what to or not to eat.

I can write so much about BLW, but I believe the best way to see how BLW works is to watch some videos.  As he learned to eat, I uploaded little clips of my son that you can watch at my blog, My Life with Bryce.

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