Welcome!  That’s me in the really awkward video.  I cringed when viewing it, but left it up so you could see me in all my podcasting glory.  Let me back up and introduce myself.  My name is Meredith.  I’m a 29 year old stay at home mom to my baby girl, Amelia.  My husband, Dave, is in the Navy, and we all live in San Diego.  I could tell you more, but that’s why I have a podcast.  Don’t forget to subscribe here (but don’t feel pressured).

(Over)Thinking Mom is both a podcast and blog, i.e. a podblog or blogpod or blogcast.  This blogcast is about the mom (or dad) who thinks too much and about the way the public overthinks the role of mom.  In other words, “overthinking” is acting as both an adjective and a verb.  That sentence is annoying, but shows the extent of my overthinking about overthinking. In the podcasts, I’ll talk with other moms and dads, or occasionally rant on my own, about our parenting woes and successes as they relate to moms in the media, history, literature, and more.  Can you tell I’ve overthought this?

In addition to podcast posts and accompanying blog elaborations, (Over)Thinking Mom is a personal look at the joys of parenting. Amelia was born on April 14, 2010 after a long and rough pregnancy and a long and rough labor and delivery. To stay on theme, Amelia was blessed with a “spirited” temperament, keeping Dave and I on our toes as we navigate new parenting.

I’m an avid researcher (hence my overthinking moniker), so I hope for the blog to be a place where I share not only my thoughts and opinions but also the thoughts and opinions of smart people, as well as the great ideas and mommy helpers (i.e. stuff) I’ve found.

Why did a stay at home grad school dropout computer illiterate new mom start a podcast?

One day, during a not particularly peaceful walk with my manic German Shepherd and screaming months old daughter, I thought “I should start a podcast.”  In the early weeks, when Amelia had to eat every two hours, I spent a lot of my time cuddling her as I listened to mommy podcasts on my ipod at my nursing station (yes, I dutifully created a nursing station during my nesting days).  I liked all these podcasts, but was looking for something just a little different, something that addressed mommyhood from more than a “yesterday I went to Sam’s Club” or “what should you buy” perspective.

The only problem with my sudden desire to enter the podcasting world was my complete lack of knowledge about how to make this happen.  I was a teacher in my pre -stay at home mom life, so I obviously like to hear myself talk, BUT I taught English, meaning I have no idea how to work technical equipment (I was that teacher, the one asking her 18 year old students to work the DVD player).  For years I refused to join Facebook because a friend had convinced me it was “a reprehensible construct.”  We English dorks are proud Luddites most of the time.  Sidenote:  Check out my Facebook page here.  Although this hobby makes my brain hurt sometimes, it has been a great outlet for my overthinking tendencies.

Daddy and Baby

Mommy and Baby

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