The Joys of Parenting

The Dark Ages

October 3, 2010

Before I had Amelia, if the power went out from 2am-7am, the only way I would have known about this dimming of the lights would have been the annoying flashing twelve on the alarm clock in the morning (for the life of me, I still can’t program that thing). A baby makes this once barely [...]

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Depressed Mothers Should Feel More Depressed For Causing Kids’ Depression

September 20, 2010

I’m adding a new section to the blog, something I’m going to call “Around the Blogosphere” or “In the News” or “Stuff Other People Said” or something like that.  In addition to my iGoogle RSS feeds, I’ve discovered Google Reader, only after my beloved Bloglines closed its internet doors, so I’ve been able to increase [...]

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When the Boy is Away, the Girls Eat Ice Cream…and Poop

September 19, 2010

I kinda hate being a single mom. Amelia is cute, but she’s not low maintenance. Before I had Amelia, I never understood what people meant when they said they had an easy baby. I understand now. I don’t have one. To her credit, five month Amelia is much more laid back than five-week Amelia. At [...]

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A Very Strange Cafe

September 12, 2010

Dave has left me. For two weeks.  To console myself, I took Amelia out in her Phil and Ted to stroll the neighborhood.  Sometimes when I really pay attention to my surroundings, I notice the strangest businesses populating Adams Ave.  An art studio is near the key engraving kiosk, which is near a personal fitness [...]

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Comedy of Errors

September 6, 2010

I’m convinced Amelia noticed today, for the first time, the oddity of her extended family.  We are a strange bunch.  I don’t exaggerate my family.  I swear on my grandmother’s roast that she hasn’t cooked in months but still frets about every day that I tell the truth and nothing but the tragicomic truth. Today [...]

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Road Trip

August 30, 2010

Amelia left San Diego for the first time two days ago.  We packed up Kaiya, five suitcases for two adults and one baby, and made the trek to Sacramento.  Dave has school in Monterey for a week, so I decided my current role as stay at home mom was portable and the “home” part of [...]

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Sleep Saga, Part I

August 23, 2010

The most difficult part of parenting has not been the colic, although it was related, or nursing, or changing and washing poopy diapers; it has been and continues to be sleep deprivation.  Some babies start sleeping through the night at three or four months, but Amelia has proven once again that she is her own [...]

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Twenty with a Four Year Old

August 16, 2010

The beginning of the end of my twenties is rapidly approaching.  I turn 29 this Wednesday, a birthday overshadowed, in my mind, by Amelia’s four-month anniversary of life, which was last Saturday.  I can’t decide if I’m upset about moving closer to my thirties.  I don’t want to move chronologically backwards, but I’m feeling my [...]

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